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Establishing BI WORLDWIDE as a Thought Leader in APAC
Learn how we leveraged a multifaceted approach to engage new audiences in the APAC region, projecting brand authority through a thought leadership report.

The Opportunity

Having forged a strong partnership with BI WORLDWIDE over the years, Verra Asia saw a prime opportunity for the company to not only bolster their own brand authority but also simultaneously create powerful content across the marketing and sales funnel—by commissioning dedicated market research.

Content Strategy

Distribution Strategy


By The Numbers

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The Masterplan

Turning market research insights into a content goldmine

As BI WORLDWIDE sought to expand regionally, the market research was to achieve two objectives. First, to identify key market trends while gathering user sentiments on specific BI WORLDWIDE solutions. Second, the insights generated could be further developed into tailored pieces of content across a variety of channels.

Our Approach

Leveraging research to transform data into discourse

With the overarching objectives in place, Verra Asia partnered with a trusted research agency to collect the data. Across the span of two weeks, the survey reached more than 10,000 respondents in four markets, which provided valuable insights with a high degree of confidence. The data was meticulously analysed to construct narratives that not only confirmed our initial hypotheses but also illuminated the interplay between enhanced employee experiences and superior customer interactions.

Opening up new conversations with fresh insights

The fresh insights gained became a catalyst for initiating dialogues with potential clients and invigorating discussions within the broader industry. To that end, Verra Asia developed a bespoke landing page to specifically house the report, which captures potential leads as users fill in their information when downloading the report.

This effort was complemented by a strategic three-month LinkedIn campaign, which unveiled key findings gradually to stimulate interest and draw traffic to the landing page. The campaign's success was further amplified by a targeted paid media effort, broadening the audience beyond our immediate network.

Building brand authority through live discussions

Building on the strong momentum from the report launch, Verra Asia also orchestrated an experiential roundtable event that welcomed industry leaders to explore the interplay between employee and customer experiences. The lively discussion, moderated by Verra Asia and BI WORLDWIDE, proved to be highly successful in forging stronger connections with potential clients. BI WORLDWIDE was subsequently invited to discuss the report findings at a webinar hosted by the Human Resources Association in Vietnam, which was a testament to our combined efforts at boosting awareness and authority.

Developing evidence-based sales collaterals 

Key statistical findings from our research became the foundation for creating targeted sales materials. These collaterals, grounded in actual data from survey respondents, have demonstrated a marked preference for BI WORLDWIDE’s solutions, potentially enhancing the sales cycle efficacy.

The Results

The coordinated efforts of Verra Asia provided BI WORLDWIDE with a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to engagement in the APAC region. By combining inbound marketing strategies with outbound sales tactics, Verra Asia effectively expanded BI WORLDWIDE's reach, captured the attention of a broader customer base, and strengthened brand recognition in the competitive APAC market.

With a deep commitment to our business objectives, Verra Asia's numerous strategic and tactical recommendations are ones we can trust. Our collaboration with them has been a true asset to our business!
Omar Hadoui
Managing Director, Asia Pacific, BI WORLDWIDE APAC
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