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Fueled by expertise, Verra Asia is a go-to-market consultancy that forges lasting brands through a synergistic combination of strategy and services.

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We harmonise strategy and services, executing with purpose, quality and advocacy for your brand.

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We combine functional experiences across marketing and sales to deliver end-to end strategies that drive tangible growth.

Branding Strategy

Building impactful brands

Above every winning product sits a strong brand identity. Let us help you define yours.

Understanding the market landscape

Conduct research into your competitors and key customer segments to identify points of differentiation to help you position your brand for success.

Elevating your brand story

Leverage the power of storytelling to craft a brand story that builds trust and credibility with your customers. Answering why your brand exists and how you deliver on your promises.

Defining your brand identity

Translate your brand’s purpose, stories and solutions into a visual identity that is compelling, meaningful and symbolises the brand’s promise.

Establishing brand guidelines

Ensure consistency and coherence across all communications that defines the personality, visualization and messaging components of a brand, including its logo, color palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice, and more.

Content Strategy

Storytelling that inspires action

We bring your audience closer to you with content strategies that speak directly to your customers’ pain points and desired outcomes.

Understanding your customers

Discover content marketing opportunities within your brand story to create a content strategy that resonates with target audiences across the entire customer journey.

Crafting buyer personas and message houses

Create effective, targeted messaging by defining your ideal customer profile and establishing messaging frameworks that guide the way you communicate with your target audience.

Building content roadmaps

Outline a strategic plan for producing a series of messages, content formats, and distribution channels that work in tandem with your branding, marketing, and sales initiatives.

Distribution Strategy

Putting you on your audience’s radar

Bring your brand to the forefront by meeting your customers through the right channels, at the right time and with the right context.

Defining customer acquisition channels

Discover the most effective ways to reach and convert your target audience into paying customers for maximum ROI.

Omnichannel approaches

Create a consistent yet seamless customer experiences with coordinated marketing and communication efforts across a variety of channels in a circular ecosystem.

Sales enablement and channel engagement

Ignite unparalleled growth via your sales teams and channel partners by equipping them with the right sales narratives, resources, collaterals that will give them greater motivation and confidence in the sales process.

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Gain tactical support from our team of experts that will help you achieve your business objectives, fast.

Our Services

Bringing your
ideas to life

Have the ideas but not the means? Our multidisciplinary team is ready to execute your vision with efficacy.

Content creation and development

Create fit for purpose content through discovery and research that effectively engages your audience and drive conversions across a wide range of mediums and media formats.

Sales enablement and collateral development

Facilitate sales conversations through enablement collaterals such as pitch decks, sales playbooks, brochures, case studies, white papers and more.

Campaign planning and execution

Weave your ideas into compelling, story-driven campaigns that resonate with your target audience through the right mix of channels and activations with owned or paid media, publications and events.

Website design and development

Leveraging best practices, establish a strong digital presence to build credibility for your business and turn visitors into lifelong customers.

Our Stories


Going to Market in a Crowded Payments Landscape

Flex is a complete payments and cash management solution for SMEs

Flex sought Verra Asia’s guidance to develop a go-to-market strategy amidst a competitive landscape.

In a bid to capture market share and launch Flex, Verra Asia:

  • Developed a full-funnel, omnichannel GTM strategy with a clearly defined value proposition
  • Designed and developed Flex’s website and application with UI/UX best practices
  • Created pitch decks that led to successful fundraising from investors

Lightstorm Rebrands for Global Expansion

Lightstorm is a network infrastructure platform that serves a cloud-powered world

Lightstorm, after gaining success in India, needed a corporate brand that would poise the company for global expansion in SEA and Middle East.

In preparation for the brand to scale globally, Verra Asia:

  • Refined the company’s values and positioning through discovery sessions with the founders
  • Reimagined the brand’s visual identity with a new logo and updated brand elements and collaterals
  • Conducted a website revamp to enhance the brand’s digital presence that reflects its new visual identity and positioning in the global market

Activating Partners to Drive Growth for Hawa in Asia Pacific

Hawa is a global market leader for premium sliding door solutions

Amidst the challenging environment of COVID-19, Hawa needed to re-strategise their channel engagement process to continue revenue generation from distributors.

To secure mindshare and optimal engagement, Verra Asia:

  • Organised and produced virtual events for Hawa in Asia Pacific with distributors
  • Activated paid B2B marketing campaigns to ensure relevance in the digital age

Developed sales enablement collaterals to support distributor activation and sales confidence


Setting Dobin Up for Success

Dobin is a platform for users to track spending and receive personalised offers

Dobin wanted to build up momentum as they prepared for a product launch amidst a crowded fintech landscape.

As part of our engagement, Verra Asia:

  • Created comprehensive buyer personas through in-depth market research and interviews
  • Refined its brand positioning, messaging and visual identity into a brand book
  • Consulted and developed a gamified waitlist strategy for customer acquisition.
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