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Powering Zenith's New Edtech Offering
Discover how we helped Zenith Learning Group create a new website for their gamified learning platform, Zendora, while leveraging analytics to improve upon it.

The Opportunity

Zenith was set to introduce Zendora, their new gamified learning platform, within a short runway of 3 weeks. Leading up to the launch, Zenith required a partner who could develop and launch Zendora's microsite quickly and efficiently, while providing post-launch website optimisations via web analytics and user feedback.

Web Design and Development

Analytics and Reporting

By The Numbers

The Masterplan

Close collaboration to enable rapid development

With less than a month to launch, it was imperative that Verra Asia manage the development and feedback cycles in an agile manner. Having worked with Zenith prior for website revamp, the synergy between both parties were crucial to meet the expedited timeline.

Our Approach

Rapid web design processes to support launch

Verra Asia, in meeting Zenith's expectations for their website, employed a headless CMS and custom coding, known for their complexity in development. This approach necessitated agile methodologies, including frequent progress updates and regular quality assurance tests to guarantee functionality.

Verra Asia's deep understanding of Zenith's brand guidelines also enabled a swift development process with fewer feedback rounds, all while ensuring the website was responsive and accessible.

Embedding web analytics to track the user journey

Verra Asia also leveraged Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity enable Zenith to comprehensively track user interactions on their website. These insights empowered Zenith to refine and enhance their marketing strategies effectively, driving more traffic to their site.

With this layer of data, Zenith had the information they needed to fine-tune both the new site and their marketing campaigns. For instance, heat maps generated by Microsoft Clarity revealed how users navigated through their site, which provided crucial information for making data-driven decisions on layout and design changes.

The Results

With unwavering support from the Zenith team, Verra Asia successfully adhered to the stringent 3-week deadline, delivering the Zendora microsite in line with expectations. The analytics and reporting tools implemented by Verra Asia also proved crucial, offering valuable insights for ongoing website optimisations.

Partnering with the Verra team has been an invaluable working experience. Their reliable communication and strict adherence to timelines made all the difference. Thanks to their commitment, we now have a robust digital presence, and are better able to attract customers to fuel our brand's growth.
Lim Zi Jian
Head of Commerce, Zenith Learning Group
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