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Empowering ME Distributors to Promote Hawa's Products
With a primary focus on channel partners, discover how Hawa equipped distributors with essential training and marketing materials to drive greater sales.

The Opportunity

Hawa Sliding Solutions aimed to empower a newly onboarded distributor in the Middle East as part of its channel strategy. To achieve this, Hawa provided comprehensive training and marketing tools, enabling the distributor to effectively sell Hawa's range of solutions. This approach ensured the distributor was well-equipped to represent Hawa's products, enhancing market presence and driving sales growth in the region.

Channel Enablement

Collateral Development

By The Numbers

The Masterplan

Enhancing Hawa Sliding Solutions' status as a key player in the luxury hospitality sector

Verra Asia identified a unique positioning for Hawa Sliding Solutions in the luxury hospitality sector, emphasising their pivot sliding on-furniture solutions and sliding doors. We highlighted Hawa's products used in notable regional projects and supplemented materials with case studies in the Middle East.

Our Approach

Collaterals designed for relevance

As part of this engagement, we developed presentation slides, brochures, in-showroom collaterals like standees, and co-branded marketing assets for the distributor's social media use. Each piece was meticulously crafted to align with Hawa Sliding Solutions' brand identity and the specific needs of the luxury hospitality sector.

The presentation slides showcased the unique features and benefits of Hawa's products, while the brochures provided detailed information and visual appeal.

Additionally, the co-branded marketing assets were tailored to enhance the distributor's social media presence, ensuring consistent and compelling messaging across all platforms. This comprehensive suite of marketing materials empowered the distributor to effectively promote Hawa's range of solutions and capture the attention of their target audience.

The Results

This engagement equipped the distributor with comprehensive, tailored marketing materials, significantly enhancing their ability to sell and market Hawa's products. With these collaterals, the distributor was better positioned to promote Hawa's range of solutions to their customers in the Middle East.

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