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Establishing Market Dominance with Memes
Explore SingSaver's effective 'Best Deal Guarantee' campaign in Verra Asia's case study, highlighting their unique use of meme culture to engage young adults.

The Opportunity

In an effort to strengthen its market position, SingSaver sought to launch a "Best Deal Guarantee" campaign in October 2023 that promised to double the value of any better offer found elsewhere, affirming their commitment to the best market deals. This was faced with a tight two-week deadline to coincide with their 100th-month anniversary campaign.


By The Numbers

The Masterplan

Taking a bold approach against the competition

Verra Asia was tasked with creating an engaging and competitive advertising strategy that would stand out in a crowded marketplace. The campaign needed to not only draw attention but also boldly differentiate SingSaver from its competitors.

Our Approach

Crafting a meme-morable campaign

Verra Asia adopted a bold and cheeky approach in the campaign’s execution, aiming to gently jab at competitors while underscoring SingSaver’s "Best Deal Guarantee." The team developed an overarching campaign concept titled "Be Savvy with SingSaver," which highlights how choosing SingSaver is not just a smart decision, but a savvy one.

This campaign leveraged meme culture and humour to craft attention-grabbing visuals and copy to the target audience, who are young adults, effectively using this strategy to highlight SingSaver's advantages in a playful yet impactful way.

The Results

Together with SingSaver, Verra Asia successfully developed a mix of static and animated visuals within two weeks. The incorporation of memes and humorous elements resonated strongly with the audience. This playful yet direct comparison to competitors not only underscored SingSaver’s superior offers but also reinforced its position as a market leader in providing unmatched value.

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